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Get the Shot. Here’s Why.

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As we head into fall, your friends and family might get sick with the flu. You’re probably going to get sick, too. And there’s one option staring you right in the face that could help you avoid it.

It’s called a flu shot, big cat.

Mint Health + Drugs is Flu Season central with booking times for flu shots available. A lot of people will do that, though there are always a few who aren’t 100% sure. But there are a few good reasons to get a flu shot you should keep in mind.

Reduce the risk of getting the flu.

Let’s get real. No flu vaccine can 100% prevent you from getting the flu. It does lessen the chances of you getting sick. Decreasing the chances of getting the flu is definitely worth the effort of getting a flu shot.

Lessen the impact of flu symptoms.

Even if you do get the shot, you still might get sick. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. Flu shots have been shown to lessen the impact of flu symptoms quite dramatically. That alone makes it worth getting.

Protect your friends and family.

Flu viruses spread thanks to droplets made when people with the flu cough, sneeze, or speak. A flu shot helps prevent that by decreasing the chances of you passing it on to someone else. Covering your mouth helps, too.

For those who can’t get it.

There are people in the world who can’t be vaccinated, maybe because they’re allergic. That doesn’t impact most people, so don’t just use it as an excuse. But there are a few of them out there. You getting vaccinated will help prevent people who can’t from getting sick.


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