Stay in Mint Condition this fall by getting your flu shot! 

Flu Shot

Flu Season starts October 17th. Join the waitlist to book your shot.


Follow these steps to sign up:

  • Follow the Join the Waitlist link
  • Find the closest Mint Health + Drugs location nearest to you
  • Set a date for your appointment


Don't Let Flu Shot Misinformation Confuse You

Planning your year around Flu Season isn’t possible or practical. We’re not talking about Christmas vacation. But you can still prepare for it.

Get the Shot, Here's Why

As we head into fall, your friends and family might get sick with the flu. You’re probably going to get sick, too.

What is Flu Season Hiding from You?

Fall brings a lot of familiar sights. Kids go back to school, the weather starts getting colder, and the leaves start changing colour.


How Do I Book A Flu Shot?

  • You can book online here.

Which Mint Health + Drugs locations administer flu shots?

  • All Mint Health + Drugs locations can administer flu shots. Contact your local Mint for more details.

How do I contact Mint Health + Drugs if I have questions?

  • You can check out our contact information here.

Is it safe to get a flu shot if I’ve been vaccinated for COVID?

  • Yes but if you are at all concerned with any aspect of any vaccination, please consult your pharmacist or doctor.

If I’ve been vaccinated for COVID, do I still need the flu shot?

  • While effective, the COVID vaccination will not protect you from this Flu Season’s flu variants.

Will the flu shot protect me from COVID?

  • If you are not already vaccinated against COVID, you will need a separate vaccination.

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