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Don’t Let Flu Shot Misinformation Confuse You

Flu Shot Alberta Mint Health + Drugs

Planning your year around Flu Season isn’t possible or practical. We’re not talking about Christmas vacation. But you can still prepare for it but getting a flu shot from Mint Health + Drugs.

As Flu Season ramps up, so does the push to have the public get as many flu shots as possible. Not everyone is going to get one and there are people who legitimately can’t for health reasons. Many don’t because of misinformation masquerading as facts online.

Let’s fix that.


Misconception #1: The flu vaccine can give you the flu as it contains part of the virus.

Wrong. So very, very wrong. The flu shot is not a live vaccine. It’s an inactive one which is not capable of getting you sick. The confusion is because the flu shot takes two weeks to provide coverage. If you get sick after a flu shot, it’s likely in that window. As Blue Rodeo sings, “It’s just bad timing, that’s all.”

Misconception #2: Only those who are immunocompromised and at high risk should be vaccinated.

That’s just incorrect. Everyone six months of age and older should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of the flu. Period. Healthy people who may not get symptoms of the flu can still pass it on to those at high risk.

Misconception #3: I got a flu shot last year so I don’t need one this year.

Yeah, that’s not right, either. Last year’s flu shot doesn’t protect you from this year’s strains. If you want flu shot protection, get the flu vaccine every year to stay current.

What can you do?

Get in touch with your local Mint Health + Drugs. Our professional staff are booking appointments for 2022’s flu shots so you can stay on top of Flu Season 2022 and make sure you’re in Mint Condition.