nurturing communities

nurturing communities


At Mint Health+Drugs, we’re more than just a pharmacy. We’re committed to making our communities healthier places. 

Mint Communities is one of the ways we work together with organizations such as non-profits, businesses, governments and health organizations to make a difference in the lives of Albertans. We believe in supporting causes that matter in our communities through health and social programs and collaborations with organizations—large and small. Our guiding principles motivate us to improve lives, strive for innovation in our work, and nurture and teaching families.

If you’re interested in working with Mint or want to learn more about how we support our communities, please contact us.

We are currently accepting donations for Mint Communities, if you would like to donate to our current initiative. Click on the button below to learn more about how we are raising funds for our vulnerable communities and donate to our cause.   

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Not all of our patients have the means to visit us so we worked out a better way to reach out to them. Our Adherence and Community Engagement (ACE) team is a shining example of that approach—directly supporting marginalized individuals in our communities. Our pharmacist-led outreach team saw that many people were living with homelessness, substance use disorders, mental health concerns, and experiencing multiple barriers to accessing a Mint Health+Drugs pharmacy. They also may be unable to come to the pharmacy for daily medications, to help support them, we work collaboratively with Alberta Health Services and the Boyle-McCauley Health Centre, an outreach program so they can get the help they need. 

We’re proud to partner with many great organizations including the Alex Community Health Centre, Telus Health, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre, Little Warriors and the Robin Hood Association on making an impact in our communities.

We are excited to have partnered with APSA for our annual one of a kind tournament.

Pharmacy students across all 4 years of the program have been divided into 10 different teams.

The winning team will be awarded the coveted and elusive Mint Communities Cup at Blue & Gold this Spring.APSA-Logo




Mint Day

We had a panel speakers and students were able to ask questions about anything from practice environments to income. 


We ensured students had transparent and open discussions. Over 200 students came which was one of the biggest turnouts if not the biggest turnout for APSA events this year!








Panel Speakers:

Andrew Noh:

Andrew is the Pharmacy Manager/Owner at Mint Health + Drugs: Franklin Station in Calgary. Since graduating from the University of Alberta in 2014, Andrew has gained a passion for providing support for the vulnerable population and won an APEX Future of Pharmacy award for his work in 2017.

Shawn Knutson:

Shawn is a community pharmacist working for Sherwood Mint Health & Drugs in Sherwood Park. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015, and received his Additional Prescribing Authority in 2016 and was a Future of Pharmacy APEX award winner in 2019. 

Klaudia Zabrzenski:

Klaudia is the co-founder, owner and Program Manager for the Adherence and Community Engagement (ACE) Team, an innovative pharmacist-led community outreach team in Edmonton that has gandered provincial recognition, including the 2017 WL Boddy Pharmacy Team APEX award. 

Cole Mondor:

Cole is the owner and pharmacy manager at Mint Health + Drugs: Church Street.  Having graduated recently in 2015 and obtained his APA in 2016, Cole has had a tremendous positive impact in his community, working with the Boyle McCauley Health Center to improve patient outcomes while serving ice cream and coffee in a unique practice environment with a focus on addictions and mental health ailments. 

Mint Health + Drugs in collaboration with various organizations assisting the vulnerable population at the Expo Center.




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