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PRescription solutions

Staying on top of your regular prescriptions shouldn’t feel like a chore. We know your schedule isn’t easy to keep and finding the time to pick up the prescriptions you need can be difficult. There’s where Mint Health+Drugs steps in. Breeze past roadblocks with the help of our dedicated staff—review your medication, manage your health by renewing and refilling your prescriptions online. And when life gets busy, we’re more than happy to get you the medication you need straight to your door.  

Quick Turnaround 

At Mint, no prescription is too difficult or cumbersome to handle. It matters to us that you’re getting a  comprehensive high-end healthcare service—that’s why we take great care in getting your prescriptions and  medications to you in a short timeframe.  

PRescription Transfers

Transferring your prescriptions to us is FREE and EASY. Depending on your preference, you can transfer by calling, emailing or visiting us at the most convenient Mint Health + Drugs location. 

Just let us know the Name and phone # of your previous pharmacy and we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact information for our locations can be found here:   

Your prescription transfer will be complete in less than 24 hours! Contact us to transfer your prescription today! 

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APA Certified Pharmacists

We’re more than just pharmacists, we’re a family. Sometimes that means going above and beyond for patients. At Mint, all our pharmacists are certified by the Alberta Prescription Authority, making them capable of prescribing and administering vaccinations or medications for the common roadblocks you stumble over.  

The Mint Health+Drugs Mobile App

It’s time to take charge your pharmacy to-do list in a smarter way. Introducing the Mint Health+Drugs app; a mobile app that allows you to manage your prescriptions, schedule appointments, keep up to date with new products and updates at your local Mint Health+Drugs pharmacy and browse through a teeming library of healthcare content. Stay connected with your Mint community.


FREE Home Delivery

Make your Mint pharmacy experience one you can enjoy by skipping the lines with our free citywide  prescription delivery. Wherever you live in the city limits—we can get you the medications and treatments you  need right to your front door. 

Online Refills

Your prescription is just a simple click away thanks to our Online Refill tool. You can get your eligible prescriptions refilled and ready for pickup at your leisure, and we allow for the option of automatic refills, so  you’re totally covered before your due dates creep up. It’s never been easier for you to manage your health at a moment’s notice.  

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