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Vacation Fun Starts with Vaccines

Mint Health Pharmacy Services

After the last few years of travel restrictions, people are looking forward to the winter travel season. But that doesn’t mean that your travel plans are vaccine-free. You still need to factor vaccinations into your travel plans, especially if you have multiple exotic destinations on your itinerary. When it comes to vaccine requirements, it’s best to plan ahead.

What Is A Travel Clinic

When it comes to figuring out how to deal with travel health and safety concerns, nothing tops a travel vaccine clinic. It gives you the opportunity to get all of your questions answered as well as taking advantage of all of the services your local pharmacy has to offer.

A local pharmacy like Mint Health + Drugs!

Travel Clinic pharmacists can provide you with one-on-one consultations to assess what precautions you need to take on your upcoming trip. That can also include both recommended and required vaccinations.


Mint Travel Clinics are Clutch

Mint Health + Drugs can help with all of that. But the support doesn’t stop there. While phrases like “one-stop-shop” get used a lot, it’s true in Mint’s case.

We vaccinate on site and carry a huge selection of prescription travel medications. There are also a range of travel supplies such as DEET, mosquito nets, re-hydration and anti-diarrhea treatments, and water purification systems.

Let Mint’s certified travel health pharmacists help you plan your next trip!