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Our 5 Favourite Products at Festival Place

When it comes to finding the best products to help keep you and your family healthy and happy, Mint Health + Drugs Festival Place is here to serve your needs. Located in Sherwood Park, this pharmacy has been a staple in the area for quite a few years.


With a wide selection of products ranging from vitamins and supplements to wellness products, it’s no wonder so many people choose Festival Place as their one-stop-shop pharmacy. Here are 5 of our favourite products that you can find exclusively at Mint Health + Drugs Festival Place.

1. Pain Relief Now (Spray or Roll On)

The Mountain Medicinal Pain Relief Now Roll On is great for the temples for migraines or sore muscles or joints that you can reach like your wrist.


We only stock the extra strength because it is just that good. A little goes a long way! The spray is great for hard to reach areas such as your back or the back of your neck. Within minutes, you will feel the menthol kicking in and will want to sit back and relax. Come in for a free sample!


(Product sold only at Festival Place)

2. Soothing Beta Glucan Cream by Dr. Mom

beta cream pregnancy moms

Steroid free option for calming down eczema and dry, itchy skin- safe for all ages and pregnancy.


Beta-Glucan is a fiber that has been shown in scientific studies to improve skin hydration and healing. Our Beta-Glucan is sourced and made in Canada. It is extracted with a technique that uses air technology, requiring no chemicals or solvents. Try Dr. Mom’s Soothing Beta Cream today!



(Product sold only at Festival Place)

3. Soothing Beta Glucan Bath Treatment by Dr. Mom

This is great for soaking your hands, feet, or bathing little ones. Use Dr. Mom’s Soothing Bath Treatment for the relief of dry, itchy, irritated skin and eczema. 

  • Doctor Recommended.
  • Made in Canada
  • Allergist Recommended

(Product sold only at Festival Place)

4. Greeting cards for $1, 2, or 3! 

We have everyday cards and for occasions such as a 90th birthday. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the quality at this price point! 


(Product sold only at Festival Place)

5. Sigvaris Compression Stockings

We have a selection of over-the-counter strength (15-20mmhg) compression socks. In addition, we can order in other strengths for a customized fit to suit your needs. We know how tricky it is to put these on so we take the time to provide the full education on how use them and maintain the quality for a long duration of use.


Sigvaris Compression Solutions help you go easily through your day. These compression products are made for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sigvaris offers compression wear for most medical needs, ranging from standard medical level to highly sophisticated solutions for specific indications and complex edemas.


(Product sold only at Festival Place)

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