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Mint Finds a Partnership with CAMSC

Creating community partnerships is at the core of everything Mint Health + Drugs does. It’s a big part of how we find new and innovative ways to improve the services we offer our customers and clients. That’s what makes our new connection with CAMSC so exciting.


The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council is a not-for-profit organization that’s been around since 2004. It focuses on promoting growth in Aboriginal and minority owned businesses.


CAMSC’s team does this by building a reliable and inclusive supply chain between companies, governments, and these same businesses.


As a community-focused company, Mint has a similar mindset to CAMSC. We have long seen the same inconsistency in the ways certain services are offered to Aboriginal and minority communities. The supply chain has certainly been part of that.


The new partnership between Mint and CAMSC is a natural fit. Kit Poon, Co-Founder of Mint Health + Drugs, had this to say, “As a minority owned business ourselves, we support CAMSC initiatives to create opportunities for other minority and aboriginal owned businesses.  We believe in diversity and inclusion; our certification through CAMSC furthers our commitment to these values.”


As the relationship between Mint and CAMSC develops, it will be interesting to see what directions it goes. For now, Mint is just happy to be part of the CAMSC team.