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Get to Know Mint

Mint Health + Drugs: Our family caring for yours

Hello, let’s talk about mint. We’re a local Independent Business that I think people really appreciate their towns and their communities. I think what makes us unique is that we strive very hard to make sure we add value in the communities that we serve. To us what that means is taking the time to listen and and taking the time to really create something that’s purposeful for the communities that we serve.

We’re not here to provide a Cookie Cutter Pharmacy and Healthcare experience, we’re really here to provide a customized experience that really supports the talents and communities.

– Ron Wai, Co-founder and Director of Mint Health + Drugs

What’s it like being a pharmacist at Mint Health + Drugs?

I can focus on making people feel better knowing that I have strong support from my team. 

I have the pleasure of working with people who are Like-minded. They’re motivated to make a difference and they work well together with me and if we are ever stuck on a problem we can always pass ideas out of off of each other and rely on each other expertises 

– Tracy Duong, Pharmacy Licensed Manager

Being a pharmacist at Mint Health and Drugs has been a really great Experience. We get to use a lot of our clinical knowledge and we get to use our additional prescribing. 

We get to kind of use our full expanded scope of practice which not everyone has the opportunity to do so I really enjoy that Mint Health and Drugs is on The Cutting Edge of Pharmacy so we’re always pushing our scope forward. 

Because of this. they’re pushing what pharmacists can do and how we can impact our communities, which is really nice. I know it sounds super cliche too but being here for 40 hours a week with these people, they really are like being with a family. 

I’ve been with everyone here for 10 years at Mint Health + Drugs and I’m the second newest staff here. We’ve had a lot of long-term staff. People who really like coming to work with each other. 

We love working with the community, they’re our friends. I think we all say it’s a very positive experience and I’m very happy being here. I feel very lucky to be a part of this. 

– Shawn Knutson, Clinical Pharmacist

The Mint Experience

The mint experience is really just helping our patients feel better and helping them achieve their goals, no matter what it is.  

Some days we can help and some days we can’t and even if we cannot help patients achieve what it is that they’re exactly looking for. As long as we’re able to get them closer to their goal, that’s the Mint Experience. 

– Kit Poon, Co-founder and Director of operations

Our Partners

How did your partnership with Mint benefit your organization?

Mint has been a tremendous Community partner. Not only have they provided really high quality High services for the individuals we support, they have provided the medication, and administration of staff training programs. 

They’re pharmacists who are Qualified professionals. For our organization, they have been a tremendous Community partner in everything from our sledge hockey day to sponsoring the 60th anniversary.

They’re committed to a partnership with an organization to make us all better together and really enhance the lives of the people that they support and we support. 

– Annmarie Lepan, Chief Executive Officer at Robin Hood Association

Some of the benefits would be the accessibility and knowledge. The knowledgeable

staff are available all the time. They’re available on call and they offer lots  of information for our Healthcare staff. It’s just a wonderful Partnership. They’re there for us if we need emergency medication or we need any kind of support with any of our residents so that’s what we really enjoy about Mint.

– Dylan Harke, Registered Nurse

Life At Mint

So what’s life at mint like? Well first of all our team is a foundation of everything that we do and as leaders in the organization we’re continually inspired just by the amazing work that they do for their communities and we’re talking about people who know that they aren’t just residents of the community. They’re volunteers. They’re leading their City parades or festivals and we’re just so proud not only to serve the community but to be a part of it.

What makes us very grateful is the fact that we see our Mint team members really accentuating our core values. The “M” in mint stands for motivation to improve and we see so many of our team members striving to be the best versions of themselves.

The “I” in mint stands for innovating best practices where we creatively solve Problems. We look for the best ways to solve them. And the “N” stands for nurturing the communities that we’re in.

The T in Mint stands for teaching, sharing, and learning. For us it’s a way by which we strengthen each other, by sharing the knowledge that we have.

– Ron Wai, Co-founder and Director of Mint Health + Drugs




Nurturing the Community