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Get Vaccinated and Keep Your Travel Plans on Track

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Unless you live on the West Coast, Canadian winters aren’t exactly forgiving. Even the most passionate winter sports aficionados need a break from the cold. That’s when vacation planning starts. But some of the most popular winter destinations require vaccinations. That doesn’t just mean COVID vaccinations, either.


While Malaysia is a beautiful country with amazing travel opportunities, it also has a few vaccinations you should look into. One of particular interest is for Japanese Encephalitis. Don’t want to find out what that is? Get vaccinated and hopefully you won’t have to.


Heading to the Caribbean has been popular with Canadians for decades and Barbados is a top destination in the region for good reason. In addition to COVID, it’s also recommended that Canadians get vaccinated for Measles, Hep A, Hep B, and more.


Africa offers a diverse range of experiences, with Kenya being high on the list thanks to the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities there. That being said, you also need to check into your required vaccinations as there’s quite a list. It includes the likes of Malaria and Polio.


Getting away to Cuba is a dream come true for many people. And it should be. The culture, the food, and the island itself are all exceptional. But you also need to take your health seriously. It has the classic vaccine recommendations including rabies.


It’s hard to imagine a more classic winter trip for Canadians than heading down to Mexico. There are so many marvelous places to visit! You still should check into the vaccine situation before heading down. Anything from Measles to Rabies to Hep A and B can be recommended.