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Take a MoMint to Connect: Coping with Anxiety

Do you remember the last time you felt overwhelmed or anxious in some sort of stressful situation?

Have you ever found yourself over-thinking, second-guessing or felt a sense of worry that something terrible is about to happen? Have these feelings ever been so intense to make you freeze, too scared to even act? If you have, you may have felt the urge start to simply shut in, disconnect and just try to get through the day on the bare minimum.

This is Anxiety, and you’re not alone.

Recent studies show that about 25% of Canadians experience some form of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic disorder. If you’ve ever had a moment where you felt stressed or worried, chances are you’ll want to do better the next time around. But with the constant expectations of every-day life, stress management can feel like just another item on a to-do list that never gets shorter.


What is Anxiety?

Normally we experience fear as a natural instinct, it’s how we learn from our mistakes and stay away from danger. On the other hand, anxiety is when we feel fear when there’s no danger at all or when it becomes so intrusive that it interferes with our lifestyle or work.

How Can I Manage My Anxiety?

Remember that anxiety doesn’t have to be managed alone, reaching out to someone you trust can ease the burden on yourself. On the other hand, speaking with your healthcare provider can help determine if a medical condition may be contributing to anxiety. Lastly, 24/7 emergency and crisis aversion services are always available to those in need.  A quick internet search can help you find what’s accessible in your area.


In the end, dealing with anxiety can be a long and difficult struggle; we can’t expect to be fully free from our problems. But connecting with others and seeking out the right support can be the earliest steps in regaining control.

We’re always here to help, and so please don’t hesitate to contact your local Mint Health+Drugs to speak with one of our health experts at any time if you have any questions!