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Five Products We Can’t Get Enough Of


Every Mint Health+Drugs pharmacy is a proud supporter of local communities. That’s why, at every Mint location, you can find a huge selection of goods and wares from local vendors based right here in Alberta and beyond. We want to embrace what makes our community unique and what better way than to show off the best games, diffusers, essential oils, jewelry and home mobility aids made right in our own backyards?

From hand soap made in Calgary to beef jerky from Medicine Hat, here are four local products we recommend to everyone.

1. Care Plus Bell Shape Large Double Mosquito Net

If you’re travelling, it’s a must you take a mosquito net. The Care Plus double net is large enough for two people, providing the most optimal protection against mosquitoes thanks to its Durallin-imbibed mesh and it’s a lot easier to put together than you would think. The net’s bell shape means you’ll have a large sleeping space—absolutely essential to have for those noisy summer nights!

2. Sigvaris Compression Socks

The only compression stockings you need. The Sigvaris compression socks we carry can help with a number of health issues related to compression therapy like improving the circulation of blood in your legs or reducing blood clots in the veins. A pair of Sigvaris compression socks, snugly fit, can make a big deal in how you get through your day.

3. Scentuals Scentfree Collection

Scentuals is a Canadian line that aims to provide quality natural skincare products free of toxins and chemicals. Handmade cruelty-free in British Columbia, the Scentfree Collection is a great option for those with sensitive skin looking to dip their feet into healthy skincare options. It’s a collection made with a gentle approach in mind; from the scentfree shampoo to the hand repair cream to the lip conditioner and body lotion, the Scentfree collection is here to refresh and hydrate all our pores. Besides being made toxic-free, Scentuals’ products happen to be free of petroleum, paraben, sulfrate, dye, silicone and are not tested on animals. Plus portions of each sale go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society to aid in the fight against cancer. What’s not to love?

4. Better Beard Company Beard Oil

Made from only a handful of premium natural oils, the Better Beard Co’s line of beard oil products are blended by hand with the perfect gentleman in mind. Maybe you fashion yourself a modern man or yearn for a simpler time when a man needed to simply worry about smelling good. The beard oil can do exactly that, keeping your beard conditioned and shiny and working to make sure your skin stays hydrated. No grease and most importantly, no strange smells. You’ll only feel and smell like a natural woodsman should.

5. Mel's Craftz Wheat Bags

Right from Canmore and made by one of our pharmacists, these wheat bags are truly one of a kind. Wheat bags use a natural wheat grain (in this case, grown in Innisfail) and cotton to serve as a hot or cold bag, applied to your body when you need it most. Whether you use it hot or cold, wheat bags are a great avenue for those seeking natural pain relief.

Have any comments or thoughts? Any products you think we should have focused on instead? Give us a shout on our Facebook or Instagram!