Group Shot



We believe in listening.

Each patient has their own healthcare goals and we’re here to help meet them—we believe that trusted medical advice should be available to everyone.

We’re working to provide the most accessible and highest quality medical attention from pharmacists who know our patients on a first-name basis.

We believe in local.

Mint pharmacies are a part of the local community—we think locally and provide trustworthy sources that know our patients and listen to their unique needs.

We’re closely connected to each of our related communities and neighbourhoods—by connecting to communities, we’re working towards a collaborative network of care.

We believe that every patient is unique.

At Mint, we believe in making a personal connection with our patients— we know that each person is one-of-a-kind and deserves personalized healthcare.

We’re working towards a healthier community where everyone has access to informed, professional healthcare.

At Mint, we believe that pharmacists do their best work when they have a personal relationship with their patients.