We offer a range of pharmaceutical, rental, and home services to our patients, including assistance with chronic diseases (such as diabetes), medication reviews, and more.


We offer a range of pharmaceutical, rental, and home services to our patients, including assistance with chronic diseases (such as diabetes), medication reviews, and more.

Our general services at Sherwood Dispensaries include:

  • Medication reviews
  • Smoking cessation
  • Administering medication via injections
  • Compliance packaging (blister packs; sealed medication pouches)
  • Homecare supplies and medication delivery
  • Stocking fittings
  • Fittings for crutches, air boots, or wrist braces
  • Specialty incontinence supplies
  • Education services and presentations


When flu season hits, be sure to protect yourself and your family with our influenza immunization services.


Pharmaceutical compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Through compounding, we can create tailored health care solutions that are right for you. From pain cream compounds to dermatological concoctions for rashes, compounds help alleviate a variety of health concerns.

Please note that specialty compounding through this Mint Health + Drugs location is available by special order and usually within 2 to 3 business days. These may include, but are not limited to, bio-identical hormone compounds, customized capsules and complex dermatological creams.


Make sure you have everything you need to stay healthy and comfortable at home. Whether you require mobility or hygiene aids or other rental equipment, our Home Health professionals will keep you mobile and independent and can work with third-party insurance and government subsidy programs to provide affordable home health support.

Our home health services at Sherwood Dispensaries include:

Incontinence Supplies
Sherwood Dispensaries is an AADL Vendor for incontinence supplies (adult diapers and catheters). As some pharmacies in Sherwood Park are no longer providing this service, it is important for our patients to receive the continuity of care they deserve. We can provide this service for in a discrete and private manner.

Wound Care Supplies
Sherwood Dispensaries is an AADL Vendor for wound care supplies. We have many products that can assist you in your recovery.

Mobility Aids
To get you moving again, we carry crutches, aircast walking boots, several designer canes and much more.

Bath Equipment
To help foster independent lifestyles, we have a selection of bath aids that will assist in reaching this goal.

Wheelchair Rentals
Not looking to make a purchase on one-time or short duration use equipment? Ask us about our rental program for wheelchairs.

Compression Stockings (over the counter and prescription)
For the prevention of varicose veins, or DVT, and the treatment of edema and other circulatory conditions, compression stockings are an invaluable tool. At Sherwood Dispensaries, we are an AADL vendor for compression stockings. Our staff are certified fitters who can help you with the proper fit and product for your needs. Fittings for compression stockings are generally performed before 11:00 a.m. in order to obtain an accurate measurement. This is due to natural swelling in the extremities that occurs late in the morning to early afternoon. (Please call to set up an appointment.)


Traveling abroad poses a number of important questions about health and safety and it’s important to be well educated about any travel-related risks. From one-on-one consultations to administering vaccinations, our Travel Clinic pharmacists have the services and expertise you need to have peace of mind when you travel.

Visit us for a consultation today or visit our Travel Clinic page for more information.


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