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beat the rush at the doctor’s

beat the rush at the doctor’s


Everyone is privy to common illnesses and issues that can send you to the doctor’s again and again. You can save time and energy by heading over to a Mint pharmacy. Our APA pharmacists can recognise, treat and prescribe treatment for common ailments and illnesses; whether they’re minor, self-diagnosed or self-limited.

treat your

treat your


The following are possible common ailments your Mint Pharmacist can assess and prescribe for. Whether it’s over-the-counter medication, treatment you can administer yourself or support and advice we can provide, visiting a Mint pharmacy helps hospitals and medical clinics elsewhere with their workloads and reduces strain on their resources.

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What is Flu Season Hiding from You?

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Do you know if your travel plans may put you at risk? Getting a personal assessment to determine what you need for your travels is important. A personal assessment can help determine the best protective measures for you, keeping you safe on your travels.