We offer a range of pharmaceutical, rental, and home services to our patients, including assistance with chronic diseases (such as diabetes), medication reviews, and more.


We offer a range of pharmaceutical services to our patients, including assistance with chronic diseases (such as diabetes), medication reviews and more.

Our general services at Meridian include:

  • Injections and vaccinations
  • Free delivery to Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and surrounding areas
  • Smoking cessation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Medication reviews
  • 10% off for Seniors EVERYDAY

Comprehensive Diabetes Management


When flu season hits, be sure to protect yourself and your family with our influenza immunization services.


Pharmaceutical compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Through compounding, we can create tailored health care solutions that are right for you. From pain cream compounds to dermatological concoctions for rashes, compounds help alleviate a variety of health concerns.

Please note that specialty compounding through this Mint Health + Drugs location is available by special order and usually within 2 to 3 business days. These may include, but are not limited to, bio-identical hormone compounds, customized capsules and complex dermatological creams.

Minor Ailment and Prescribing Services

Many minor illnesses can be assessed by our pharmacists. We will provide you with necessary prescriptions, advice or referral to a physician when needed. Because our pharmacists are prescribers, this means you will never run out of important medication and you’ll receive the medications that work best for you. If you have a negative reaction to a medication, or there’s a drug interaction causing issues, we can change your medication.


Traveling abroad poses a number of important questions about health and safety and it’s important to be well educated about any travel-related risks. From one-on-one consultations to administering vaccinations, our Travel Clinic pharmacists have the services and expertise you need to have peace of mind when you travel.

Visit us for a consultation today or visit our Travel Clinic page for more information.


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