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Travelling doesn’t have to be scary. Our personalized travel health services can improve your next adventure for the better and it all starts with an appointment.  Here is a breakdown on how appointments with a Mint Health+Drugs travel pharmacist works – from walking in to the follow-up process.

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Consult with our travel health pharmacist:

When you arrive for your appointment, we will go over your medical history, vaccine history, any medications being taken and any medical conditions.

Precautions and education:

Our travel pharmacist will go over maps and international resources specific for your itinerary to provide you with education and a written plan to take home. Food and water precautions, mosquito protection, and diseases like yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis, dengue, typhoid, mers co-v, etc. as well as travellers’ diarrhea prevention and treatment will be discussed.

Getting vaccinated:

We will administer the vaccines required and/or recommended for your trip. Our pharmacists have extensive experience in providing vaccines in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.


We will provide any medications you need for travel such as travellers’ diarrhea, malaria, altitude illness and others as well as education on their use while away. Our pharmacists are also able to provide other non-travel related prescription medications that may be needed.

Immunization record:

You will be given a written record with all the vaccines you received from our clinic as well as certificates for vaccines required for entry to certain countries ex. Yellow fever, meningitis, polio.

No hidden pricing:

You do not have to pay any injection administration fees for vaccines and boosters if you have your travel health consult with us. We also do not charge for writing prescriptions, issuing vaccination records or for follow up appointments. If a patient books a subsequent travel consult (i.e. travelling to a different country), there will still be an additional consult fee, but at a discounted rate.


After billing through any eligible vaccines to available insurance** payment will be accepted and you will be provided with official prescription receipts for all products and services. Our team works hard to keep your costs down by providing only those vaccines which we feel are necessary for your health and protection.

**For those clients with direct bill drug insurance plans.

Travel Services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Depending on the individual policy, some private insurance plans may cover travel services. 

*Above and beyond the valuable and personalized information provided to you by our pharmacy team during your travel consult, the consultation fee also includes the cost of all injection fees (usually $15-20 per vaccine), the printed resources provided in the consult, and all vaccination records.


Our fee schedule is as follows:

$70 – Single Consult

$110 – Couple Consult

$150 – Family up to 4

$5 – Malaria assessment fee 

$25 – fee per additional family member (above 4)


$40 – Single Consult

$60 – Couple Consult

$80 – Family up to 4

$5 – Malaria assessment fee

$15 – For additional family members (above 4)

After Your Appointment

Follow up: if there are any follow up vaccines required (boosters, 2nd doses) our team will contact you at the appropriate times via telephone or email. There are no appointment or injection fees for booster doses, only the cost of the actual vaccine given. Boosters may be booked online or by phone.

frequently asked

frequently asked


How soon before travelling should I come in for an appointment? 

Book your appointment at least 4-6 weeks before you leave to make sure there is enough time to have all your  immunizations. However, short notice appointments are usually available. If you are leaving sooner than 6  weeks, we will provide appropriate immunizations and medications to offer the maximum protection possible.


NOTE: Yellow Fever vaccination MUST be completed at least 10 days prior to entry into the country requiring  proof of vaccination or you may not be able to enter the country. 

Do I have to see a doctor as well? 

No. Our pharmacists are APA-certified and can both prescribe and administer all vaccines and medications  needed.  

How long is a travel consultation?

Be prepared to spend about 60 minutes with a travel consultant. For families or groups, this may be longer  depending on how many vaccinations are administered during the appointment. 

Why is there a fee for an appointment?

Travel health services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Our consultants have undergone extensive  education and training in the field of travel medicine. Your appointment fee covers the time for your  appointment, the preparation ahead of time accessing your health records and preparing your risk assessment  as well as providing your vaccines and medications to you.

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