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if you are curious about cannabis

if you are curious about cannibis

Mint has answers

At Mint, we want to provide the best answers and give you the quality health guidance you need for all things cannabis-related. When it comes to medical cannabis, it’s our responsibility as pharmacists to start any and all conversations and steer patients in the right direction safely and easily. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to speak to a Mint pharmacist at your your nearest pharmacy.

the mint plus on cannabis advice

the mint plus on cannabis advice


Medical cannabis carry a number of benefits for patients looking for traditional and personalized solutions to their health needs. Here at Mint, we treat cannabis as a medicine – so it’s only right we put your safety first.

When creating cannabis treatments, our Mint pharmacists work to make sure your treatment works well with your preferences and your existing medical conditions and therapies. Talk to our experts to find out more!


As pharmacists, we consider medical cannabis like other medications and treatment options. At Mint, we don’t prescribe medical cannabis but our team of trained pharmacists can help determine if it is suitable for your health profile. We steer you in the right direction by ensuring your access to cannabis is safe, easy and in-line with your health goals.  

Speak to one of our Mint pharmacists to learn more. 

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