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Need a COVID test for travel, workplace, or a special event? Rapid Antigen Screening for COVID-19 is now available at pharmacies for the general public at Mint Health + Drugs locations across Alberta.

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What is a COVID-19 Antigen test?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread around the world. As of May 2021, approximately 25,000 Canadians have died due to infection. The pandemic is caused by a type of coronavirus, often referred to as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2.Testing is used to identify those infected with the virus.

There are multiple accepted test types, which include polmerase chain reaction (PCR), which detects coronavirus DNA; and serology tests, which detect antibodies that the body makes to fight the virus. Serology confirms if you were previously infected or vaccinated and does not tell if you are currently infected. The test we access oers a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test. This method uses a nasal swab to detect the coronavirus nucleocapsid (a unique shell that surrounds the virus), and tells if you are currently infected. The main advantages are low cost, portability, and fast results (15 minutes).

What is a COVID-19 Antigen test?

A nasal swab is used to collect a fluid sample from inside the front of your nose.

Why should I get an Antigen test?

Employer-initiated testing: Your employer may require you be tested, which especially applies to businesses that work with vulnerable people, have high-risk environments, or provide essential services.

Special Events: As Canada gradually re-opens, precautions will be necessary for events such as concerts, banquets, sporting events, and other gatherings. Testing for COVID-19 infection or proof of immunization may be required for you to attend.

International Travel: A negative COVID-19 test is required for travel to many countries, including the Unites States, UK, Eastern Europe, and South America. The COVID-19 antigen test is accepted by certain countries, please confirm prior to travel as each nations’ requirement differs.

What do my results mean?

The COVID-19 rapid antigen test is used to screen for infection. A screening test is used to examine large groups to detect illness at an early stage. There are many advantages to screening, but the results of these tests are not conclusive. If you have a positive antigen test, the test will be repeated. If this second test is positive, you will be asked to isolate at home and call 811 to arrange a PCR test to confirm the results. Those who have had close contact with you over the previous two weeks may also have to isolate and arrange testing. A negative antigen test does not
conclusively prove you are not infected with COVID-19, but the advantages of these approved test are an important tool in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

providing accurate and reliable results


Only testing devices authorized by Health Canada can be imported or sold in Canada.

Unauthorized tests may not produce accurate results. This can lead to potential misdiagnosis. Health Canada confirms that authorized COVID-19 tests are well supported by evidence that indicates they will provide accurate and reliable results.

Why should I get an Antigen test?

  • Rapid results
  • Easy access
  • No appointment necessary
  • Billable through many health insurance plans
  • Health Canada approved
  • Discuss your results with your physician

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